He Seems Like Any Other High School Player, Until You See Him Dunk. Vicious

Years ago, physical traits like explosiveness or freak athleticism were rarities at the high school level. Nowadays, middle school kids are playing like high schoolers and high schoolers already look like they're ready to play at a college level. Add Kwe Parker to the latter. Parker stands out of the class of 2016 as undoubtedly the best dunker in high school.
Kwe Parker has the sort of athleticism that makes him desirable on any college team. However, the lucky school he chose was actually Rutgers University. The 6 foot 2 inch guard showed off some SERIOUS bounce, getting way above the rim and throwing down a variety of 360s and windmill dunks. This kid is something special.
ESPN's scouting report described Parker as "a slasher who can get to the basket at will and thrives above the rim. A true highlight reel player who embraces that aspect of his game." Though Parker isn't ranked as high as some of his other fellow members of the class of 2016, he's undoubtedly talented enough to be ranked within 247Sports' Top 150 recruits (ranking #125).
Dunking ability aside, should Parker be able to leverage his athleticism on the defensive end, like he did here, he could have even more potential, especially as a two-way threat. Either way, at least he'll entertain at Rutgers, as evidenced by his highlight reel of dunks below.
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