Girl jukes her defender so hard that she does the splits

​Hitting a game winning buzzer beater or dunking on a fast break can be gratifying. However, in basketball, there are few things as satisfying as getting a defender to bite on a crossover. While it's a great feeling to stagger a defender enough to get off a shot or drive for an easy basket, it's even better to score after hitting them with an ankle breaker.
Actually crossing over a defender severely enough for it to be considered an ankle breaker is no easy feat. According to the greatest basketball player of all-time, Michael Jordan, "the crossover is strictly just a change in direction," says Jordan. However, while the crossover is in theory a simple dribble move, using it in game effectively is entirely different. 
In the case of the two young girls in the video below, the quick behind the back dribble was fast enough to severely shift her defender off balance. This resulted in the defender's right leg going one way while the left went the other. Lucky for her, she was flexible!
Female Hooper Makes Her Defender Do A Split!!!

Move of the Day: Watch this female hooper go behind her back and make her defender do a split

Posted by Ballislife: It's A Movement on Tuesday, October 27, 2015